who wants technology to work for them?

AutoNOMOUS technologies to improve the lives of humans and all whom they deal with.

For Hospitals, there is an autonomous way to decrease the overall incidence rate of Hospital Acquired Infection which can result in savings on medical expenses and improved cleanliness for the hospitals.

There is also the possibility for Higher patient throughput and improved efficiencies in the healthcare process. 

All of this could lead to less time spent by patients in hospitals, which could result in industry recognition for superior service.


For laundry asset owners and Laundry Service Providers, the Laundry Management solution provides improved efficiencies in the laundry process. 

This solution provides improved visibility of laundry assets and how and where those assets are utilized.

Overall laundry asset security and traceability are also improved with this solution too.


How to prevent laundry losses?

Where it all began

This question became an obsession for us and we undertook studies to find a way to answer this question. The conclusion of our thesis in those studies resulted in significant performance improvements for a laundry service provider. It turns out that technology is a way to answer the question, and this technology has many further applications.


And so AutonomousSpark was born

We started exploring the various opportunities that technology can play in the management of laundry. To date, the research has uncovered two sectors where Autonomous technologies can help to improve the lives of humans and all who they deal with.

The Healthcare Industry and the Laundry Industry are where we are starting.

The Team thus far:

Permanent and part-time

With the company recently started and now growing, the three Co-Founders are Mark Skews, Jo-Anne Pillay, and Andy Taliadoros. Mark is focused on Technology, Jo-Anne is focused on Operations and Andy is focused on Microbiology. There are also various advisors, investors, and contributors involved too.


Mark Skews

Mark has more than 30 years of entrepreneurship, software development and technology business management experience.

Jo-Anne Pillay

Jo has more than 20 years of operational and management experience in telecoms and software companies.

Andy Taliadoros

Andy has more than 30 years of entrepreneurship, business management, laboratory and research laboratory experience.


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